the Copper Vapor Laser System for Dermatological Surgery


Articles about Yachroma-Med:

1. Danishouk I.V., Ponomarev I.V. Selective Photodestruction of Facial Telangiectasia with the Copper Vapor Laser (in English)

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5. Results of the treatment of cutaneous vascular lesions by method of selective laser coagulation with the copper vapor laser system Yachroma-Med (in English)

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Yachroma-Med Laser System

Yachroma-Med application for dermatology:


Clinicians about theirs experience with the Yachroma-Med Copper Vapor Laser System

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Yachroma-Med application for dermatology:

Selective Photothermolysis

Port-wine stains and hemangiomas

Facial telangiectasias

Lower extremity telangiectasies

Pigmented and non-pigmented lesions


Wrinkles reduction