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Yachroma-Med copper vapor laser treatment of telangiectasia

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Patient With Rhinophyma before-after3 Session of Copper Vapor Laser


Male Patient, 52 Years With Rhinophyma 3 Session of Copper Vapor
Laser Exposure at 578 nm, Power 0.8 W, Pulse Duration 0.2 s

Laser treatment in aesthetic surgery.

Svetlana Kluchareva, MD

There are different lasers using in dermatology, aesthetic and plastic surgery. They can be divided on tree groups:

  1. – lasers for ablating of tissue using also for skin resurfacing,

  2. – lasers for destruction of dark pigment using for hair and tattoo removing,

  3. – lasers for treatment of vascular and pigmented skin lesions.

Red and blue ectatic vessels (telangiectasia) can occur on face, neck and legs of many people. Main factors such as abusing the excessive sun exposure, genetic predisposition, freezing of skin may play a role in occurrence of facial telangiectasia. Alcohol abusing also is a factor but people avoiding the alcohol drinking may have a “red nose”. Young women may have ectatic vessels on legs appearing during a pregnancy. Old women and men may suffer from leg telangiectasias due to the weakness of the vessel walls.

Some people have continuous vascular lesion of red or purple color. It is a port wine stain or haemangioma. Port wine stain appears at birth but in times it becomes bumpy and more disfiguring.

During the last ten years selective laser coagulation become the main treatment method of cutaneous vascular lesions. Electrocautery used in recent years for treatment of telangiectasia has high risk of complications. There are no effective methods except dermatological lasers for treatment of port wine stains.

Selective laser coagulation is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. Pulsed lasers of green-yellow spectra used for the treatment of vascular lesions. In our center we use the copper vapor laser system Yachroma-Med. This laser system has been specially designed for treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions. Laser beam penetrates a skin and affect on vessels under epidermis. Red pigment of blood accumulates almost all laser energy. A temperature of the vessel increase to the temperature of coagulation then the vessel disappears. Skin vessels selectively warmed and coagulated by laser light without injuring the surrounding skin.

Patients usually well tolerate the treatment of telangiectasia. Laser feels like a hot needle being touched against the skin. Patient’s eyes protected by special laser goggles.

Removing a port wine stain is more difficult. Number of vessels per square cm in port wine stain is many times more than in case of telangiectasies. It takes one or two treatment for removing telangiectasies but five or more treatment for removing a port wine stain. About 70% of port wine stain disappear after laser treatment and others notable cleared. Port wine stains, which not can be completely treated, consist of deeper vessels.

When port wine stain is resistant to the treatment increasing the number of treatment isn’t reasonable because excessive treatment can cause skin atrophy and scarring.

When telangiectasia treated skin in the treatment area appear red and swelling immediately after procedure Small scabs can occur on another day. All phenomena resolve themselves in two to five days.

When telangiectasia treated healing time lasts seven to ten days.

Special care for skin needed after laser treatment of vascular lesions. Every day during two weeks is necessary to use anti-bacterial ointment, which is advised by your doctor. Excessive exercise, alcohol and aspirin must be avoided for at least 24 hours after treatment. Accidentally scratching off the crusts may cause scars. Skin must be protected against sun exposure with high protector factor sunscreens.

Selective laser coagulation became a common method for skin vascular lesion treatment and use about 20 years around the world. Every year 150 000 of patients with telangiectasies undergoing the procedure of laser removing of ectatic vessels. The method approved by FDA (Food and Drug Association) USA.

Many patients worry about reappearance of ectatic vessels. If there is genetic predisposition and the factors continue affect telangiectasies may reappear. According of our experience several years usually past before occurrence of new telangiectasues. Then they can be easily removed by selective laser coagulation. Once removed telangiectasias and port wine stains never occur again.

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Svetlana Kluchareva, MD
of Laser Department of the North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov