the Copper Vapor Laser System for Dermatological Surgery


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Wrinkles reduction with the copper vapor laser Yachroma-Med. 


Aesthetic and cosmetic surgery have undergone a great progress during the recent decade. Many new methods like laser skin resurfacing, chemical peelings, Botoxor collagen injections have been brought into the practice of skin rejuvenation. These methods provide good therapeutic results all over the world, but almost all ofthem have either one of the following two features: simplicity of use and not durable therapeutic effect (2 to 6 months), or extended effect (up to several years) with significant improvement in facial appearance, attained by a sophisticated operation with general anesthesia, long post-operation care and a risk of complications. 

A new method of wrinkles reduction appeared a time ago, which has gained good reputation and become popular in many countries. This method includes one or two procedures when wrinkles are treated by the vascular laser. The procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the treated skin area and the number of wrinkles. This procedure does not need anesthesia and makes no injury to the skin. No crusts or complications can be seen after the treatment, no post-operative care is required, and patients can return to their normal activities with avoidance of intensive physical exercises for awhile.

Formation new collagen starts in dermis after the laser treatment, and wrinkles are reduced in their size and depth as a result. Improving facial appearance is not immediate effect, and takes about 6 weeks after the procedure. Maximal effect is attained in 3 to 6 months after the treatment. One treatment session reduces wrinkles by 65% in average, whereas performing the second procedure with the interval of 2 to 4 weeks after the first one consolidates the effect. 

The copper vapor laser Yachroma-Med which is known in aesthetic surgery as the vascular laser, is efficiently used for reduction of wrinkles. The treatment needs the wavelength of 578 nm and the fluence of 2.0...3.0 J/cm2, which is about twice as low compared to what is used for treatment of vascular lesions. The first procedure of reduction wrinkles was performed a year ago, and now we can see that the copper vapor laser Yachroma-Med provides an impressive and durable effect.

In order to prolong the effects of anti-ageing therapy and prevent the appearance of wrinkles it is recommended to take Vitamin A and other anti-oxidant substances (Vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium) during the winter. You should try to avoid all those factors that induce skin aging, like exposure to the sun's rays and atmospheric agents. Daily moisturizing is also recommended. 



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Wrinkles reduction with the copper vapor laser Yachroma-Med

Wrinkles reduction with the copper vapor laser Yachroma-Med

Wrinkles before and after Yachroma-Med copper vapor laser treatment

Dr. Andrei  Rogozhin, Centro de laser, Quito, Ecuador. 

wrinkles before laser treatment

wrinkles after Yachroma-Med copper vapor laser treatment

Per orbital wrinkles before and after Yachroma-Med treatment. 

Dr. Andrey Burov, Odessa, Ukraine.