the Copper Vapor Laser System for Dermatological Surgery

Andrey Burov, Odessa, Ukraine

Awards for Yachroma-Med 

the Gold Medal of the Vth International Exhibition ARCHIMED 2001
the Gold Medal of the Vth International Exhibition ARCHIMED 2001.

the Gold Sign for Quality
the Gold Sign for Quality 

The Award Committee noted:

-Possibility of application in all medical clinics and offices,

-Original technical design protected by patents,

-Excellent characteristics,

-The Gold Medal of the Vth International Exhibition ARCHIMED 2001,

-Medical Guide for medical stuff,

-Update design end easy application

Aesthetic clinics in 30 main cities of Russia
(Treatment of different vascular and pigmented lesions such as port-wine stains, telangiectasias, hemangiomas, lentigo, cafe-au-lait stains, color tattoos, post surgical telangiectasias, HPV warts. Wrinkles reduction and acne treatment). 

Mechnikov State Medical Academy 

#Phone: +7(812)543 96 34
Professor Svetlana Klyuchareva  

Russian Laser Center of Russian Children Hospital 

Leninski prospekt 117
#Phone: +7(495) 936-91-41, 936-94-76 


Clinicians about Yachroma-Med Copper Vapor Laser Medical System


Head of
Laser Department of the North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov.

"The domestically produced system YACHROMA-Med has become widely known in Russia among laser equipment. For the last 15 years it has demonstrated high efficiency, reliability, as well as economy which makes it quite outstanding amongst other tools, produced particularly abroad Russia. More than 50 000 patients have been successfully treated".


M.D. Marina BUROVA
Laser surgeon, the Plastic Surgery Clinics "
Green Hall", Smolensk city.

YACHROMA-Med has good references among specialists not only in Russia. It could not happen another way, as the System is really outstanding. It is especially clear from performance of the unit we use: it has performed very well for longer than 5 year and works well.


Dr. Pavel VLASOV, 
Vascular Surgeon, the Perm City Center for Vascular Surgery. He uses the Laser System YACHROMA-Med since 1998 at the Phlebological Center of Perm City.

"Our Center uses various methods for correction of vascular pathologies. We use combined method of sclerotherapy & laser coagulation for selective coagulation of blood vessels on legs. It provides high efficiency of our activity. I am satisfied with our results, and the laser system YACHROMA has happened to be an excellent supplement to the previously used sclerotherapy in our Center. More than 18 000 patients from the Ural Area have been successfully treated".


Plastic Surgeon, certified by the Council on Plastic Surgery, the "Baltic Institute of Beauty", Kaliningrad City.

Igor EFIMCHUK has got convinced of efficiency of the new method, as well as using it for his clinical practice in general, after 6 years of his clinical experience have passed. He says: "My clinical experience with YACHROMA-Med is very impressive, and rewarded with the attained results. Owing to this Laser System I can propose my patients an efficient method for treatment of vascular and pigment lesions, that yields no scares, takes not a long time and does not need a complicated care after treatment. Now we set up a big practice so, that after more than 13 000 patients have been carried, we for sure have the biggest experience throughout the Baltic shores. Therefore, we have a feeling that our having bought the CVL System YACHROMA-Med was our wise decision".


Dr. Veronica PETELKO
M.D., Cosmetological Surgeon,
Cosmetology Center, Petrozavodsk City, Karelia

"No doubts, treatment by laser system "Yachroma-Med" is highly efficient modality for vascular lesions like telangiectasia and particularly "port-wine" stains of neck and face. Despite being a comprehensive method at first sight, it needs a careful approach in case of various features of vascular pathologies, depending on their localization, color, pronouncing and invasion depth. Such experience can be gained in case when the same patient is treated and followed up by the same clinician. The parameters of treatment are normally matched individually for every particular patient, and are subject to change according to attained results. The listed suggests importance of creative approach of a clinician with further analysis and generalization of the attained results. Spider telangiectasiases respond with complete regression. The procedure is safe without scarring and induced pigmentation".


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Dr. Andrei Humberto Sosa Rogozhin, Centro de laser, Quito, Ecuador

  Dr. Andrei Humberto Sosa Rogozhin Centro de laser, Quito, Ecuador

Pavel Vlasov, the Perm City Center for Vascular Surgery

Dr. Pavel VLASOV

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Svetlana Kluchareva, MD
of Laser Department of the North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov