Copper Vapor Laser System for Dermatological Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

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Yachroma-Med Laser System for Dermatological Surgery



July 10,  2022 

New results of the computer simulation the dysplastic vessel heating, which opens up the possibility of personalized adjustment of the parameters of patients’ laser treatment according to the individual assessment of the skin’s optical pattern. It can serve as the basis for software development for the new generation of laser medical systems

See Ponomarev IV, Topchiy SB, Pushkareva AE. Numerical modeling of the dysplastic vessel heating in pws by yellow 578 nm copper vapor laser radiation for different skin phototypes. J Lasers Med Sci. 2022;13:e11.


July 07, 2022 The effective penetration CVL depth does not exceed the thickness of the eyelid dermis due to high absorption of CVL radiation by melanin, oxyhemoglobin, and hemoglobin. It determines the safety of laser treatment of the skin eyelid lesions. See The Successful Treatment of Eyelid Intradermal Melanocytic Nevi (Nevus of Miescher)With the Dual-Wavelengths Copper Vapor Laser. Ponomarev, IV; Topchiy, SB; Andrusenko, YN; Shakina, LD. Feb 2021 in Journal of Lasers in Medical Sciences


Невус Мишера до лечения

Невус Мишера после лечения лазером


New papers about applications of our laser system. See the link


80-th  Anniversary Celebration of our Lebedev Physics Institute Celebrating the Past of Science, Designing of Future!


Lebedev physics Institute




JPG, 3 Kb

PWS treatment after 3 treatment JPG, 3 Kb

Port-wine stain before and after 3 Yachroma-Med treatment. 

Angioma treatment JPG, 3 Kb

Angioma after treatment JPG, 3 Kb

Angioma before and after 

1 Yachroma-Med treatment.  


 September 10, 2019 New applications of this laser system is to treat basal-cell carcinoma (BCC) by selective heating of abnormal blood vessels. See Treatment of Basal Cell Cancer With a Pulsed Copper Vapor Laser: A Case Series. Klyuchareva, SV; Ponomarev, IV; Topchiy, SB.; Andrusenko, YN.; 2019 in Journal of Lasers in Medical Sciences.


P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Science presents YACHROMA-Med, a copper vapor laser for dermatology and cosmetic surgery. 

YACHROMA-Med is specially designed for the treatment of different vascular and pigmented lesions such as port-wine stains (PWS), telangiectasias, hemangiomas, lentigo, keratoses, cafe-au-lait, tattoos, post-surgical telangiectasias, scars, HPV warts and others. Yachroma-Med also successfully used for wrinkles reduction, treating rosacea and acne.






Two lasers in one!

GREEN and YELLOW output

 Appropriate 578 & 511 nm wavelengths

for precise and selective treatment vascular and pigmented lesions
No purpura response
Minimal crusting
No bruising
Bloodless removal of lesion

The target molecules in the lesion area selectively absorb laser beam, thus they selectively warmed and destroyed without injuring of the surrounding normal tissue. The selective treatment provides appropriate esthetic results. Short healing time and excellent results greatly satisfy the patients. 

No anesthesia is required.

Update Ergonomic design of the operator place and tools make Yachroma-Med most appropriate and desirable for clinics and medical centers in terms of clinical relevance for patients and occupational health for operators.

Due to competitive price and optimal parameters, Yachroma-Med rapidly increases client base.

Yachroma-Med has been awarded by the Gold Sign for Quality and the Gold Medal of the Vth International Exhibition “ARCHIMED”.

Tatu removal by YACHROMA-Med laser system



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Information about AURAN the Gold Vapor laser system for photodynamic therapy in oncology is hear www.yachroma.com/auran

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PWS before laser treatmentPort-wine stains after laser treatment

Hemangioma before and after treatment>>>


leg teleangiectasia before laser treatmentlegs treatment

Leg telangiectasia before and after treatment>>>


treatment of pigmented lesionstreatment of pigmented lesion

Pigmented lesion before and after treatment>>>


wrinkles before laser treatmentwrinkles after Yachroma-Med copper vapor laser treatment


Wrinkles reduction >>>



Бородавка добородавка послеJPG, 3 Kb

HPV before and after treatment>>>


Фиброма доФиброма после лечения

Fibroma before and after treatment>>>