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P.N.Lebedev Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia) offers AURAN, a Gold Vapor Laser System. AURAN is specially designed for treatment of malignant tumors of a different histological type by the method of photodynamic therapy. Before the
laser treatment starts, a photosensitizer should be provided to patient's body by infusion or intravenous injection, as well as topical or per os application for some tumor localizations. 

One of the currently used photosensitizers is a hematoporphyrin derivative substance (HpD) which, on activation, is converted into DHE - dihematoprophyrinether (its Russian analog is known as FOTOGEM). Tumor cells accumulate HpD more intensively than adjacent normal
biological tissues. 

A dye retained by tumor cells transits to an excited state as a result of absorbing laser radiation that is delivered topically or endoscopically. Then the excitation energy is conveyed to the oxygen contained in an intercellular environment, thereby yielding singlet oxygen radicals. This process leads to a rapid and irreversible oxidation of subcell components and disturbs cell metabolism, which eventually results in necrosis of tumor cells.

Radiation of AURAN is the most suitable for photodynamic therapy with derivatives of hematoporphyrin, as it is highly absorbed by DHE and easily penetrates biological tissues.

Easy and convenient using and maintaining AURAN, as well as its updateable design make it very useful for hospitals and medical centers. 

Due to a relatively low price AURAN is affordable for any kind of medical institutions. 

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